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To my generous supporters!

With your help, Rio and I have been able to pursue our competitive goals and have enjoyed outstanding results throughout 2014. Thank you very much for your contributions of enthusiasm, time, love and money!

Rigbie Farm (Sharon Clark)
Liz Collard
Thorncroft Equestrian Center
Arthur and Joyce Hershey
Sallie Dixon
Bill and Melissa Hostetter
Marty and Hank Detering
Tony Short
Miriam H. Herr
John Taylor
Gary and Carol Johnson
JM and Lois Herr
Beth and Paul Lusky
Mary Hazzard
Carol Davidson
Gene and Terri Herr
Edwin Herr
Sally Hoedebecke
Nancy Murray
Dick and Harriet Clark
Jeremiah Thomas
Donnan Sharp

William and Anne Marie Cochran
Paula Keller
Babsi and Rick Clark
Martha and Daryl Thomas
Amy Henderson
Hannah Hassinger
Allison Chub
Cassie Plumb
Maria Lewis
Karen Rohde
Ellen Azreal
Betty Rowe
Cindy Gerber
Carol Labate
Jane Beck
Jane Cory
Marie Guggenheim
Paula Keller
Chris Graden
Deb and Jim Mueller
Barbara Riggs


Kathy Milam
Sally Riggs
Amy Coughlin
Elizabeth Piggot
Johanne Martz
Ricki  and Michele Demarest
Lesli Cohen
Susan McLean
P. Nancy Rubin
Sheri Griffith
Cindi Cauffman
Lisa Thomas
Jan Smith
Seema Sonnad
Kim and Michael O'Donnel
Jo Elaine and Chuck Staub
Cassie and Carl Segal
Mimi, Charlie and Renee Altmiller
Betsy Smith
Susan Sponenberg
Shona and Peter Symes
Louise and Andy Adams
Graham Symes
Ian Murray
Lauren Sara
Cindy Connors
Rich and Lori Wetherhold
Joan Gannet
Jean Good
Charlotte Hendricks
Margery Good
Quaker Maid Meats, Inc.
John Nunn and Bit of Britain
Bayo Nichols and The Unionville Tack Shop
The Embreeville Mill